• Chronic Patients
    People with chronic diseases, and thus have to exercise as part of their treatment also receives services in the center. People with chronic diseases are informed about the exercises they can do, and if they want, they are provided with training opportunities within the center's premises.

    Before deciding on which sport to go for, the treatment that the patient is receiving is analyzed, and regarding this, the specialists generate a personalized exercise program. Throughout the process, the patients are taught what pace level is more appropriate for walking -an exercise that first comes to mind when doctors and chronic patients think about training-how long, how frequent it should be, how to prevent muscle strength reductions that might be caused by chronic diseases, and what needs to be done additionally.
  • Kids
    Another group that the center serves is comprised of children between the ages 5-12, and their parents. Parents, who want to find out about their child's physical characteristics and the most suitable sports for them, are offered assistance by specialists. Certain performance tests are applied on kids in order to determine the physical characteristics. Later on, these scores are compared to their peers where their most prominent characteristics compared to their peers are detected, and the parents are informed on the results. Even though the applied methods are suitable in terms of determining the professional athlete, the parents are notified only with recommendations. In selecting the right sport for the kid, recommendations are made taking into consideration not just the physical characteristics of the kids, but also their wants and their means of training.
  • Amateur Athletes
    Although people train either for a healthy life or for fun, when they do not consciously chose the branch of sports and the loading intensity, serious injuries, diseases and even deaths come along. Therefore, people who want to train should gravitate towards a branch taking into consideration their opportunities, their own physical structures, ages, health conditions, and the diseases they have, as well as the medications they might be on.

    When people who are interested in training come to the clinic, they go through a detailed examination where all their physical characteristics and the risky situations for them are determined. As a result of this, the person is recommended the best and most beneficial sport for him/herself, also told about the sport that he/she needs to avoid.
  • Professional Athletes
    Primarily at the center, there are two significant services for professional athletes. First is the services for the treatment of injuries that athletes suffer during games or training sessions, and the second is preventive medicine.

    Arthroscopic surgeries, hand and upper extremity surgeries, spinal surgeries, and prosthesis surgeries are successfully performed at the center by nationally and internationally esteemed orthopedic surgeons. Other than pre-surgery and post-surgery rehabilitation, athletes that do not need surgical operation receive successful rehabilitations. Experienced doctors, physiotherapists and sports educators serve within the context of sports rehabilitation.
Eidur Gudjohnsen
Eidur Gudjohnsen,
Icelandic Striker
Acıbadem Fulya Hospital Sports Medicine Center which I prefer for my performance tests is incredibly impressive.